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Digital solutions to measure skills, showcase talent, and lead learners and workers toward the future.
Assessment Services Measure competencies, reveal potential

LifeJourney Toolkit

Reveals Talent, Discovers What’s Possible
Territorium’s AI-powered LifeJourney digital platform and app, combines modular and personalized assessments, with the power of a Comprehensive Learning Record (CLR), resulting in tailored employability readiness opportunities and real jobs. It empowers institutions and students with actionable data that reveals each learner’s validated skills in a comprehensive way that counts and matters.
  • Enables Equity in college readiness, admissions, re-entry and transfer parity in education
  • Empowers Learner Agency beyond a course and letter grade on a traditional transcript
  • Drives Employability Readiness and demonstrates all that is possible beyond a resume

Comprehensive Learner Record​

It goes beyond the transcript!

The TerritoriumCLR is a verified record of an individual’s skills and competencies designed to guide them along their education and employability LifeJourney. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of the competencies, skills, experiences, and certifications that learners have gained to prepare them for employability or the next stage of their education journey.

The TerritoriumCLR includes:
  • Mapping and Measuring Learning Outcomes and Employability Skills
  • Institution configurable in-depth reporting targeting learner’s skill development
  • Personalized Learning Pathways and Marketplace
  • Prior Learning Assessment Center
  • Achievements, Microcredentials and Badging
  • Digital Wallet and Employability Pathways to Real Jobs

Assessment Services

Go Beyond the Grade with Modularized and Personalized Assessments

Institutions can choose from a suite of finely calibrated assessments, powered by official ETS content and also our AI driven personalized assessment platform, powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services technology. Provide learners with a modularized and flexible way to measure in-demand skills for employability readiness or general education foundational skills for academic success, or your very own curated and customized assessments with remote proctoring capabilities–you have choices.


Assessment Services Product Lineup:


Real Opportunity That Fits in The Palm of Your Hand

CareerBit leverages machine learning technology that makes the workforce more accessible to all, connecting users to job opportunities aligned to a learner’s skills and competencies.

  • Real-time labor market intelligence (LMI) data
  • Millions of continuously updated job boards and real jobs
  • Salary ranges and skill requirements aligned to personalized career pathways

Results gathered from assessments and learning pathways synthesized in their  CLR, enables CareerBit to provide a personalized opportunity fit to real jobs, real salary ranges and real in-demand employability skills.


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