LifeJourney by Territorium

LifeJourney blends an industry-leading comprehensive learner record (CLR) with a learning and employment record (LER) that includes built-in badging, a skills-first digital credential wallet, and AI-powered career pathways with job-matching technology.

LifeJourney demonstrates the value of higher education in a skills-first economy that builds upon students’ academic learning experiences and showcases their skills and preparedness for entering the workforce.

There are several benefits for institutions and students: 

Recruitment: Territorium’s LifeJourney shows prospective students how specific degrees, tracks, and courses offered at an institution and the skills they acquire upon completion will directly connect them with a best-fit job.

Retention: Territorium’s LifeJourney enhances the student experience by allowing students to access their learning-to-skills progression in real time and how that directly relates to future employability.

Careers: Territorium’s LifeJourney guides students toward career paths, matches them to best-fit jobs based on what they learn at an institution, and recommends learning pathways that help increase their readiness to enter the workforce.