HEIghten® Test Administration

The HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite is administered online in one of the following ways:

  • proctored on-campus
  • proctored off-campus
  • non-proctored​

Secure off-campus remote proctoring services are offered through our HEIghten platform.

Flexible payment options are also offered. Institutions may pay for all inventory, or can pass the cost of the test, the remote proctoring session or both to the student.

Administering Non-proctored Assessments

The non-proctored HEIghten assessments allow institutions more flexibility during test administration. Using a non-proctored test may reduce or eliminate the need to spend class time on assessment, or it can simplify the proctoring process when testing a large group of students. However, users of this option should be aware that administering learning outcomes assessments in a non-proctored environment may impact student effort on the assessment.