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(New Webcast) CLRs and LERs – Preparing Students for the Future Workforce

by Eric Stoller

CLRs and LERS - Preparing Students for the Future Workforce

Join us for an insightful webcast on Tuesday, July 30th, at 2:00 PM Eastern. We will delve into the critical role of Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs) and Learning and Employment Records (LERs) in equipping students for the evolving job market.

Moderated by Dr. Keith Look, VP of Education Solutions at Territorium, the webcast will feature an engaging conversation between Guillermo Elizondo, CEO and Co-founder of Territorium, and Dr. Henry Mack, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Northwest Florida State College.

This webcast will explore how digital credentials transform how skills and achievements are documented, validated, and shared. Discover practical strategies for implementing CLRs and LERs to enhance student employability, foster lifelong learning, and bridge the gap between academic accomplishments and workforce requirements.

Whether you’re an educator, administrator, or employer, this webcast will provide valuable insights into the future of educational credentials and their impact on career readiness.

Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn how to better prepare students for success in the dynamic world of work. Register now!