About Territorium


Territorium is a profitable and privately-held company with more than 9 million users worldwide. Our purpose is to unleash the power of learning by focusing on the results of learning. These results are job knowledge, competencies, skills, and credentials that drive employment of job seekers and students. We help millions of users understand and eliminate their competencies and skills gap towards their desired career or job.

Our Mission
Unleash the power of learning through technology
Our Vision
Transform the life of anyone who wants to grow and succeed
Guillermo and Gerardo, two under-20-year-olds, set out on a road without limits to make their idea known to the world.
We changed our business model and won a Student Entrepreneur Award by the New York Stock Exchange
The company begins to grow and succeed reaching 300k active users.
We were recognized as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world according to INC Y Kairos Society magazine.
We expand to America.
Territorium begins partnership with Microsoft.
Territorium hits 1 million users. Opening of operations in Colombia.
Territorium hits 8.5 million users
Scaling throughout the world



We strive to support the learning environment of tomorrow

Passion for Results

Our passion is to help users reach their destination, no matter the journey they take to get there

Customer Success

Whether you are learning a new competency or skill or keeping track of progress, our aim is to prepare users for their chosen career or job



Guillermo Elizondo
CEO & Co-founder
Gerardo Saenz
CTO & Co-founder
Doris Gaitan
Chief Operating Officer
Alejandro Jaimes
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Lily Hseih
Regional Leader, Asia
Darrell Lane
Vice President, Global Marketing
Keith Look
Vice President, Equity & Innovation
Diana Lopez
Sales Coordinator
Silvia Lopez
Global Marketing Manager
Catalina Roldan
Country Leader, Columbia
Placido Salinas
Director of Services & Support
Terry Schrader
Vice President, K-12 Growth
Julia Sourigues
Customer Success, LATAM
Rebecca Busacca
Vice President of Business Development

Employment Opportunities

We deliver a best-in-class platform for learners of all ages worldwide. Join our team and help build a better learning experience for over 9 million users worldwide.