Administering over 4M+ Secure Online Exam Sessions Annually is an intelligent test monitoring and delivery software with a suite of identity verification tools that guarantee results credibility
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ID Verification with Multi-Factor Authentication

Smart remote proctoring with enables organizations to preserve academic performance credibility and help verify the competency levels of online learners.

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ID Verification with Multi-Factor Authentication
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Continuous Facial Recognition to Detect Anomalies
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Real Time Recording and Communication Between Test Taker & Remote Proctor
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Lockdown Browser to Prevent Access to Other Sites

Browser Lockdown

Decrease instances of dishonesty and plagiarism by removing user 
access to external sources of information and support with’s 
browser lockdown feature.

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Block Access to Other Websites and Applications
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Allow Only the Test Window to Appear on the Screen
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Disable Screenshot, Print, and Copy & Paste Functions
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Remove All Browser Toolbars and Menu Bars

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