Frequently Asked Questions About the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite


1.  What are the benefits of using HEIghten in the Territorium Ecosystem?

Territorium’s Ecosystem helps college administrators and faculty map their curriculum and extracurricular learnings in order to track competencies and skills development with evidence for this development and/or mastery.  This will help students know, acquire, and show their capabilities to employers in Territorium’s IMS-Certified Comprehensive Learner Record through a Digital Skills Wallet to get the in-demand jobs and careers they want.  The Territorium Ecosystem features Edtest-AI which is an online, secure, reliable, massive test-taking solution, powered by artificial intelligence.  It’s facial biometrics, multifactorial authentication, test taker, audio recognition, object detection, distraction detection, and anomalies alerts help ensure appropriate test-taker behavior.  HEIghten Outcomes Assessments will be delivered via Edtest-AI.

2. Who currently uses Territorium?

Territorium has educational technology products focused on the whole education cycle from assessment, teaching, learning, student success to employability with 3 major products: Territorium LXP, Territorium CLR and Territorium Edtest-AI. It has more than 9 million users worldwide in colleges and universities around the world, including the University of District of Columbia Community College and Morgan State University, in the U.S., and hundreds of universities in Latin America and worldwide.

3. Can students earn certificates and badges using HEIghten in the Territorium Ecosystem?

Yes, for example, Badgr Badges are interoperable – if students already have these, they can import badges into their Skills Digital Wallet.  Students will earn a badge for each HEIghten Outcomes Assessment successfully completed, its related score report and badge can be imported into the Territorium CLR and distributed in the student’s Territorium Skills Digital Wallet.  Going forward, Territorium is exploring defining and tracking competencies within each of the five HEIghten Outcomes Assessments.


4. When will HEIghten be launched in Territorium?

November 1

5. What is the onboarding process for HEIghten in the Territorium Ecosystem?

Territorium will offer a webinar for current HEIghten customers.  The actual date and timing will be emailed to current HEIghten customers. And there will be webinars to train your administrators on using the Territorium platform.

6. What about pricing?

Prices for HEIghten Outcomes Assessments will be the same prices that ETS offered.


7. How much time will be needed for the customer to start using HEIghten on the Territorium platform?

No waiting time. HEighten customers will be able to buy and administer assessments in Territorium starting November 1. Importantly, HEIghten customers will have until December 31, 2021 to use any assessment inventory purchased from ETS.

8. Can customers purchase/use HEIghten without buying other products/applications in the Territorium Ecosystem?

Yes, that is possible.


9. Where will the test reside?

Assessments will be delivered in the Territorium Ecosystem.

10. Does Territorium has specific testing dates?

No, all dates are available.

11. Will Territorium be adding to/changing/altering the assessment in any way?

No, Territorium will not be changing or altering the assessment in any way. In the future, there might be new forms that Territorium would work in collaboration with ETS.

12. Does Territorium have any other assessments- what are they?

Territorium provides an assessment and learning experience marketplace from multiple third-party providers of education and training, including multiple industry certifications from Microsoft and others.

13. What is the student experience?

Students will access Territorium platform with a user and password or with a code provided by the university. Students will also have access to their Digital Skills Wallet in which their first credential will be the score report for a successfully completed HEIgten Outcomes Assessment.

14. Where do they go to launch their test?

The first-time students will receive a user and a provisional password in their emails to launch the Territorium platform and the test. Then they can change their password and access tests in the future, and they will receive an email 2 days before the test.

15. What do the score reports look like?

Territorium will deliver the same reports as ETS and will also add one related to competencies and skills in the Digital Skills Wallet of the student.

16. How will Territorium handle scoring written communication?

Territorium will continue to use ETS eRater which is same experience the HEIghten provided with ETS.

17. How does Territorium’s Edtest-ai test-taking solution system work?

It is an online, secure, reliable, massive test-taking solution, powered by artificial intelligence. It’s facial biometrics, multifactorial authentication, test taker, audio recognition, object detection, distraction detection, and anomalies alerts help ensure appropriate test-taker behavior.


18. Will Territorium still offer proctored as well as unproctored test administrations?

Current and New HEIghten customers can choose proctored or non-proctored assessments.

19. What happens with the current user’s historical data?

ETS will provide historical data at the request of each customer.

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20. How does the “Try Territorium Today” special opportunity promotion for current HEIghten customers work?

Current and new HEIghten customers can try Territorium CLR by participating in a free trial for one (1) semester of Territorium CLR for one (1) academic course for up to 300 students.

21. Can Territorium CLR integrate with our LMS?

The Territorium Ecosystem integrates with many widely used LMS platforms, including Canvas, Blackboard, Google Classroom, Moodle, and others. Territorium integrates with an MS using LTI and the CLR standards from IMS Learning Consortium which certifies CLRs, thus making it easy to integrate with your college or university LMS.

22. If our school uses another IMS-certified CLR, will it integrate with Territorum CLR?

Yes, all IMS-Certified CLRs are interoperable/shareable.


23. Does Territorium CLR provide recommendations if a student’s career purpose is to go to graduate school, and not yet go to work for an employer?

Territorium can recommend a graduate program as a learning experience. The institution must add this graduate program as an option and also map the competencies that the graduate program provides.


Helping you help your students succeed.

How can you show solid evidence of your students’ skill levels in critical general education areas? The HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite can help. This innovative, modular, computer-delivered assessment tool enables colleges and universities to measure the student learning outcomes (SLOs) that are essential for academic success.

The HEIghten assessment suite gives you the power to:​

  • demonstrate solid evidence of your students’ skill levels in critical general education areas — and show the value your educators bring to student learning
  •  share this information with faculty, accrediting bodies, policymakers, students and their families, and employers
  • make better-informed decisions to enhance curriculum, improve the overall learning experience and achieve your institution’s goals
  • benchmark your students’ scores against similar institutions and evaluate improvement over time​

Why Choose the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite?

  • Flexible, customizable modular format. Choose any or all of the five assessment modules — Civic Competency & Engagement, Critical Thinking, Intercultural Competency & Diversity, Quantitative Literacy and Written Communication.
  • Get the full picture. Combine the standardized results from the HEIghten assessment suite with your internal assessments for a comprehensive view of student performance.
  • Accurate and reliable evidence. The HEIghten assessment suite is aligned with national frameworks and the latest education research and policies.
  • Actionable, easy-to-use information. Score reports are designed for ease of use, providing summary and detailed views, sub-scores, and proficiency levels with performance descriptors.
  • Convenient administration. Assess students via computer, on campus or remotely. Each module takes approximately 45 minutes, so you can fit it into one class period with minimal impact on faculty or students. You also have the option to administer the test non-proctored.

For more information about how the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite can help your program or if you have questions about ordering, contact Kiko Suarez, PhD, Territorium VP for Higher Ed at (463) 241-7464 or