Translating Whole Life Learning Into Skills

TerritoriumCLR is the evidence-based record verified by faculty, staff, and industry standards, designed to provide a comprehensive view of a student’s knowledge, competencies, and skills.
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Better Learning and Career Outcomes

By harnessing AI, TerritoriumCLR is able to rapidly map and analyze every on-campus and off-campus learning experience into the granular competencies and skills that reflect true learning – not just grades and badges. This enables TerritoriumCLR to recommend courses, learning experiences, and job pathways tailored to a student’s interests and needs, empowering them with personalized competencies, skills and evidence information to position them for a more successful academic and professional career.

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Accurately Maps Every Learning Experience
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Integrates with Leading Education and Career Systems
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Leverages Advanced Machine Learning Features
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Features of the CLR

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Mapping and Measuring Learning Outcomes and Employability Skills

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Prior Learning Assessment Center

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Institution configurable in-depth reporting targeting learner’s skill development

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Achievements, Microcredentials and Badges

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Personalized Learning Pathways and Marketplace

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Digital Wallet and Employability Pathways to Real Jobs

Going beyond the transcript!

The TerritoriumCLR is a verified record of an individual’s skills and competencies designed to guide them along their education and employability LifeJourney. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of the competencies, skills, experiences, and certifications that learners have gained to prepare them for employability or the next stage of their education journey.

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