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Territorium is a global education technology company, with 10 million users worldwide, that makes learning and skills acquisition more accessible and measurable. Territorium’s solutions enable educators and companies to deliver, test, measure, and record learning and skills acquisition, wherever it happens – because Territorium knows learning happens everywhere.

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The Territorium Platform encourages skills advancement for learners of all abilities and ages. By focusing on learning outcomes rather than completed course hours and test scores alone, students are more prepared to present and expand upon their abilities and prepare for the next step in their educational or career journey.

TerritoriumCLR rapidly maps and analyzes every on-campus and off-campus learning experience into granular competencies and skills
HEIghten’s modular assessments help improve learning effectiveness and demonstrate the validity of a general education program
Edtest.ai is an assessment platform that detects possible anomalies during testing-taking to ensure the accuracy & validity of test results
Territorium LXP aggregates and delivers learning experiences to help teachers and students better manage their instruction and learning


Every experience is an opportunity for skill building. Territorium is driving a movement to transform the way students and jobseekers prepare for college, work, and careers.

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Territorium helps educators ensure their students are building out the State’s educational standards necessary to achieve academic and post-secondary success.

TerritoriumCLR helps educators ensure their students are building the competencies and skills required to achieve academic and career success while valuing life-long- learning.

The Territorium platform ensures you are fully prepared for the next step in your educational or career journey. Territorium ensures that each learner has a presentation-ready record of all of their skills and competencies.

Territorium helps employers identify the best candidates for open positions by comprehensively showcasing each person’s skills and competencies with reliable, measurable learning and evidence data.

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Territorium works with educational institutions and employers to support their skills and competencies tracking and learning management needs.

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Territorium unlocks competency-based approaches to learning, training, and hiring that drive better learning and career outcomes for individuals. Meet with the Territorium team to advance your school, university, or company today.

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