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Reveals Talent, Discovers What’s Possible

Territorium’s AI-powered LifeJourney toolkit combines modular and personalized assessments, with the power of a Comprehensive Learning Record (CLR), resulting in tailored employability readiness opportunities and real jobs. It empowers institutions and students with actionable data that reveals each learner’s validated skills in a comprehensive way that counts and matters.

Assessment Services

Institutions can choose from a suite of finely calibrated assessments, powered by official ETS content and also our AI driven personalized assessment platform, powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services technology.

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The Comprehensive Learner Record

The TerritoriumCLR (comprehensive learner record) is a verified, detailed, and holistic collection of a learner’s educational history and achievements. With built-in badging, the TerritoriumCLR is a powerful tool that can be used to improve student outcomes, increase career readiness, and boost employability.

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LifeJourney App Powered by CareerBit

Using the latest careers data, the LifeJourney app, powered by CareerBit technology, determines the necessary skills and requirements for different job titles. It compares this information with a learners CLR data to find suitable career choices and job opportunities. Through AI-generated pathways, learners are matched with the five most important skills for a specific position. These pathways provide guidance on the additional skills, training, or courses that learners can pursue to enhance their abilities and prepare for future job openings with similar titles.

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Connecting Education with Employability

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