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From CLR to LER: Making Badges & Credentials Actionable

by Eric Stoller

The purpose of education and workforce training is to provide individuals with the skills and credentials needed to succeed in their chosen career paths. These experiences have traditionally been pathways to employment. However, too often, credentials sit on a resume or transcript unused, failing to translate into meaningful opportunities.

Territorium has changed that dynamic by building interoperable technologies that make badges and credentials truly actionable for individuals. At the core is Territorium’s comprehensive learner record (CLR), which:

  • Issues and ingests digital badges representing skills and competencies
  • Works for K-12, higher ed, and workforce, respectively
  • Allows credentials to travel with the user across different sectors

But Territorium doesn’t stop there. We pair the TerritoriumCLR with an AI-powered digital wallet that provides users with personalized “Opportunity Fit” based on:

  • Skills they’ve acquired
  • Alignment to chosen pathways
  • Leveling-up experiences available
  • Real-time job opportunities curated for the individual

The wallet tracks data at a granular level, empowering both individuals and systems with the information needed to make critical professional and programmatic decisions.

By connecting credentials, competencies, opportunities, and user goals, Territorium has created a comprehensive learner record (CLR) that incorporates aspects of an LER (learning and employment record). We’ve transformed badges and credentials from static documents into dynamic fuel that individuals can use to navigate their optimal education and career trajectories.

Designed to be interoperable, Territorium’s technologies unlock the true potential value inherent in credentials and learning experiences – turning them into real opportunities for individuals to advance in education and the workforce.