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Solving a hiring headache with a comprehensive learner record (CLR)

by Eric Stoller

We were pleased to see Keith Look, our VP of Education Solutions, alongside representatives from AACRAO and 1EdTech discussing the transformative power of a comprehensive learner record (CLR) in a recent Higher Ed Dive article:

“The CLR is a persistent record that demonstrates learning both in and out of the classroom, and a partnership of education organizations is helping schools adopt such records.

They’re designed to be more detailed than today’s transcript. While a transcript is a summary of what classes someone took and what grade they earned, the CLR goes into finer detail about things like the specific learning objectives of each class, as well as extracurricular experiences such as jobs or student activities that are germane to an open position.”



“One of the reasons the CLR was born is that they really wanted to capture and account for all the learning occurring both inside and outside the classroom. Let’s capture those learning outcomes associated with those disciplinary and job based skills. But also if you were taking part in an internship, if you were doing some community service, all these things, especially if they were supervised, may be terrific learning experiences and they should be expressed on behalf of the student.”