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CLRs, LERs, Lifelong Learning, and Career Opportunities

by Eric Stoller

Recently, our CEO, Guillermo Elizondo, sat down for a conversation with Mark Leuba, vice president of product management at 1EdTech, on the present and future role of digital credentials in education and the workforce.

Guillermo and Mark shared their thoughts on comprehensive learner records (CLRs), the necessity of interoperability, and how this relates back to employability.

The TerritoriumCLR includes:

  • Mapping and Measuring Learning Outcomes and Employability Skills
  • Institution configurable in-depth reporting targeting learner’s skill development
  • Personalized Learning Pathways and Marketplace
  • Prior Learning Assessment Center
  • Achievements, Microcredentials and Badging
  • Digital Wallet and Employability Pathways to Real Jobs