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EdTest.ai and the JD-Next Law School Admissions Test

by Paola Zarate

🔎 Gregg Chalk of Aspen Publishing shared how EdTest.ai has revolutionized JD-Next as the “technology behind the test.”

JD-Next is a groundbreaking law school admissions test:

“The JD-Next course is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in law school and beyond; the JD-Next test is designed to assess a person’s potential, not to judge their past. Aspen Publishing has long been a leader in legal education, and this partnership ensures wider access, skilled administration, and unlimited potential for this transformative program,” said Marc L. Miller, Dean of University of Arizona Law. “We are excited to see the impact JD-Next can have on legal education and the legal profession under Aspen’s leadership.