Demonstrate Higher Education Program Effectiveness

The Territorium E-Proficiency Profile with Official Content by ETS is a general education outcomes assessment of core skills used by higher ed institutions to demonstrate program effectiveness, assessing and demonstrating student learning while optimizing institutional time and resources

Territorium E-Proficiency Profile Administrations Starting February 2023

Assess and demonstrate student learning while optimizing your time and resources with the Territorium E-Proficiency Profile with Official Content by ETS. This general education outcomes assessment measures four core skill areas — reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking — in a single efficient, convenient test.

For more information about our February rollout, please visit our EPP FAQ page.


Meet requirements for accreditation and accountability initiatives and performance funding

Continuous Improvement

Evaluate and inform teaching and learning to pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement

Benchmark Institutional Performance

Benchmark performance with comparative data for almost 400 institutions and more than 600,000 students nationwide

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