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Territorium’s LifeJourney app Earns LER Inclusive Design Certification from Digital Promise

by Eric Stoller

Territorium receives LER certification from Digital Promise for Inclusive Design

We earned a new badge!

Territorium’s LifeJourney app has earned the Learning and Employment Records (LER) Inclusive Design: Product Certification from Digital Promise.

The certification serves as a reliable signal for educators, administrators, and employers, as well as learners and workers, to quickly identify technologies that have been designed and developed to reduce and/or remove features that could result in biases and discrimination against potential end users.

“To tap into the exciting potential of LER technologies, developers must understand and prioritize the needs of end users,” said Sierra Noakes, Marketplace Project Director at Digital Promise. “Congratulations to LifeJourney by Territorium for demonstrating that equity drives product design!”

Territorium submitted evidence to Digital Promise verifying they have designed features that demonstrate Inclusive Design Principles for LERs by prioritizing issues of equity, access and accessibility, safety and privacy, and usability in the design and development of the technology.

“Our vision has always been to make skills and competencies count for success. The LER certification from Digital Promise is further evidence that our industry-leading technologies continue to bridge education, champion equity, and enhance employability,” said Guillermo Elizondo, CEO at Territorium.