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Preparing Students for Success: The HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite

by Eric Stoller

In today’s highly competitive and global workforce, students need to be well-equipped with a range of skills to succeed in their academic and professional lives. The HEIghten Outcomes Assessment suite offers a comprehensive solution to measure key competencies, ensuring that higher education institutions are prepared to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Core Assessment Modules for Holistic Skill Development

The HEIghten Outcomes Assessment suite provides a modular, evidence-based approach to measuring student learning outcomes in five critical areas, including:

  1. Civic Competency & Engagement: Fostering civic attitudes and participation in society
  2. Critical Thinking: Enhancing analytic and synthetic skills for personal effectiveness
  3. Intercultural Competency & Diversity: Developing the ability to approach, analyze, and act in intercultural situations
  4. Quantitative Literacy: Strengthening problem-solving, reasoning, and real-world application techniques
  5. Written Communication: Assessing social, conceptual, language, and writing dimensions

These core skills have been identified as vital for career success and are highly valued by faculty, accrediting bodies, policymakers, students, and employers. [Download the HEIghten product brief to learn more!]

Customizable and Flexible Assessments for Diverse Educational Models

HEIghten offers customizable assessments that can be tailored to suit an institution’s unique educational model and goals. Institutions can choose any or all of the five assessment modules to best meet their needs. Furthermore, the assessments are designed to be flexible and can be used independently or alongside existing measures to enhance learning effectiveness and demonstrate the validity of a general education program.

Better-Informed Curriculum Enhancements

By providing solid evidence of students’ skill levels in critical general education areas, HEIghten assists educators in making informed decisions to enhance curriculum, improve overall learning experiences, and help institutions reach their goals.

Expanding Assessment Capabilities with a Focus on Equity

HEIghten’s assessment modules are delivered ready to deploy or can be customized with up to 50 locally authored multiple-choice questions. Each 45-minute assessment can be administered both remotely and on-campus, supporting equity-based education and ensuring all students have access to the tools they need to thrive.

Integrating HEIghten with Learning Management Systems

Pairing HEIghten with an institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) not only prepares students for the workforce but also provides educators with measurable, evidence-based results. This allows institutions to expand their overall assessment capabilities.

HEIghten modular assessments offer a comprehensive and customizable approach to measuring and enhancing key competencies in higher education. By leveraging this powerful tool, institutions can better prepare their students for academic and career success, ultimately contributing to a more skilled and competitive workforce.

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