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Territorium Partners with The University of Texas System to Launch AI-Powered Credential Wallet for Microcredentials

by Eric Stoller

Territorium Partners with The University of Texas System to Launch AI-Powered Credential Wallet for Microcredentials

Empowering Future Careers with Technology: Territorium and The University of Texas System Collaborate to Launch a Groundbreaking Digital Wallet for Microcredentials, Seamlessly Integrating Academic Achievements with Real-World Job Opportunities

Territorium, a global education technology leader with over 13 million users worldwide, announced today a new initiative with The University of Texas System to offer an AI-powered credential wallet to its learners.  

The initiative is part of the “Texas Credentials for the Future” project, which aims to prepare undergraduates for their careers by integrating industry-relevant microcredentials into the curriculum. These microcredentials are offered by Career Academy on Coursera and include more than 35 entry-level Professional Certificates from top companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The Territorium credential wallet is a mobile app that provides learners with a single repository to collect and aggregate verified badges and credentials earned within and beyond campus. Territorium’s AI then (a) analyzes the wallet contents, (b) mines the skills represented in those learner achievements, and (c) provides the learner with a real-time assessment of qualification in chosen fields while matching the learner to real-time job opportunities.  

Together with the University of Texas System, this initiative will connect education to employability for thousands of students, ensuring that a significant number of tomorrow’s workforce can verify, curate, and showcase their skills and competencies to potential employers efficiently and effectively.

“This endeavor marks a significant stride in validating and showcasing the diverse skills of UTS students,” said Guillermo Elizondo, CEO of Territorium. “Our vision is to see every student equipped with the tools and recognition they need to thrive in their careers, and this partnership is a powerful step in that direction.”

The “Texas Credentials for the Future” initiative, backed by Strada Education Network’s Beyond Completion Challenge, addresses critical areas in higher education and workforce alignment. The initiative promotes equity in education and employment outcomes by focusing on low-earning majors and those showing significant post-graduation earnings disparities.

“As the University of Texas System maintains its focus on providing UT students access to microcredentials, especially industry-recognized credentials, Territorium provides a promising resource that will efficiently organize and track students’ progress toward completing microcredential pathways,” said Kelvin Bentley, Program Manager of Texas Credentials for the Future at the University of Texas System. “Such a tool that showcases how students’ acquired skills align with those needed in the workplace not only gives them a competitive edge in their job searches, but also provides them ownership of tracking their credentials in one place.”

“The University of Texas at Tyler is excited to explore the opportunities comprehensive learner records could provide our students,” said Poonam Kumar, Associate Provost for Online and Continuing Education at UT Tyler. “We expect that this pilot will illuminate the utility and effectiveness of a CLR in relation to a traditional transcript in describing our students’ knowledge and skills as completely and transparently as possible.”


About Territorium

Territorium is a global education technology company that connects learners to careers using verified skills via a comprehensive learner record (CLR) with built-in badging, career pathways, and an AI-powered skills solution. Territorium enables educators and companies to deliver, test, measure, and record learning and skills acquisition wherever it happens. Territorium is certified by 1EdTech and has supported over 13 million users worldwide. Territorium serves Fortune 100 companies, education service providers, technology organizations, education ministries and systems, K12, post-secondary institutions, and workforce providers. For more information, visit

About The University of Texas System

The University of Texas System has enhanced the lives of Texans and individuals worldwide through its commitment to education, research and healthcare for 140 years. With 14 institutions collectively enrolling over 256,000 students, the UT System stands as one of the largest public university systems in the United States. UT institutions annually produce over 63,000 graduates and award more than one-third of the undergraduate degrees in Texas, as well as over 60% of the state’s medical degrees. The combined efforts of UT-owned and affiliated hospitals and clinics resulted in over 10.6 million outpatient visits and more than 2 million hospital days last year. The UT System’s $4.3 billion research enterprise is one of the nation’s most innovative and ranks No. 1 in Texas and No. 2 in the nation for federal research expenditures. The UT System has an operating budget of $29.1 billion for fiscal year 2024 and employs more than 122,000 faculty, health care professionals, support staff and student workers. 

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