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LERs: Rethinking Student Records for a Modern Workforce

by Eric Stoller

As the world and workforce rapidly evolve, how we capture and display students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities must also change. Traditional transcripts, filled with course codes, titles, and letter grades, often need more meaningful context beyond their originating institutions. These official records of student achievements can become nearly indecipherable over time.

In an era where skills-centered curricula are becoming more transparent, traditional transcripts are quickly becoming outdated. Modern modalities are emerging that empower students to own their skills and effectively communicate their achievements.

In a recent webinar hosted by AAC&U in partnership with Territorium, visionary leaders from The University of Texas System and Kean University discussed the opportunities and challenges in linking a comprehensive learner record (CLR)—a type of learning and employment record (LER)—with student learning outcomes, career preparation, and innovations in curricular design. This discussion highlighted the need for new approaches to documenting student achievements in a clear, relevant, and future-focused way.