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Territorium Featured in New Credentialing White Paper

by Eric Stoller

We are thrilled to be included in the latest white paper from Getting Smart – Credentialed Learning for All.

Territorium’s solutions are featured prominently in the “How to Credential” section, including:


Thanks to Getting Smart for putting this amazing resource together. The conclusion represents exactly what Territorium is all about:

“When learning is credentialed, every individual has a better opportunity to succeed academically, find a learning pathway that meets their goals, and match with education and employment opportunities that fit their skill set. Educational institutions have a better understanding of student skill acquisition through core, transferable, and technical competencies. Employers reduce retraining and missed hires, and get the needed talent to accelerate business. The technological barriers to award, store, and share verified credentials through digital wallets and interoperability standards are diminishing.”

Territorium - comprehensive learner record